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Cookies vendors would explain crisp biscuit machine product features

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-27

cookies vendors would explain crisp biscuit molding machine product features, biscuit machine, from feed to molding, drying, conveying and injection, cooling, waste, recycling and all mechanical and electrical integration done automatically, can produce all kinds of trendy colors cookies. Now we know the product characteristics of biscuit machine together.

crisp biscuit forming machine is according to the market need, combined with walnut cake handmade process design of special equipment for the production of walnut cake.

1。 Crisp biscuit molding machine can be used for tunnel steel ( Network) With oven, tunnel oven chain, tunnel push oven, and hot air rotary oven.

2。 Crisp biscuit forming machine of the molding system and tray of chain conveyor system of two parts, respectively by the adjustable speed motor drive, production speed can be adjusted. The molding system Settings have feeding roller, roller and rubber roller, the modulation good fabric into the hopper, through the feed roller and die roller feeding extrusion, and forming of walnut cake billet, and then after the rubber roller drive will be blank canvas belt conveyor to the baking tray. Tray chain driven by speed regulating motor, walnut cake billet on the flat of the spacing according to production needs.

3。 In addition, the crisp biscuit molding machine in structure is also equipped with several regulating mechanism: canvas tension adjusting mechanism; Faceted knife around and up and down regulating mechanism; Shave with canvas material cleaning agencies; Feeding gap regulating mechanism and so on.
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