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Golden Bake debuted at the 135th Canton Fair, embracing the enthusiasm of overseas buyers

Golden Bake debuted at the 135th Canton Fair, embracing the enthusiasm of overseas buyers


The 135th China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou on the 15th. This year's Canton Fair showcases advanced manufacturing achievements, and it is expected that more than 1 million new products will be produced on site; overseas buyers are more willing to participate in the fair. The total exhibition area of this Canton Fair is 1.55 million square meters, with a total of about 74,000 booths and 29,000 exhibitors. As of the 14th, 149,000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions have pre-registered, an increase of 17.4% from the previous session.


This Canton Fair will hold offline exhibitions in three phases from April 15 to May 5, with the themes of "Advanced Manufacturing", "Quality Home" and "Better Life". New themes such as new energy vehicles and smart travel, industrial automation and smart manufacturing, new energy, and "three new things" related exhibition areas have been further enriched, and the smart life area has been significantly expanded.


As we have participated in the Canton Fair 30 times in a row, there is no doubt that we will participate in the Canton Fair this time. We have expanded our booth at this exhibition. We not only have double booths in the "Large Processing Machinery" exhibition area, but also have booths in the "General Machinery" exhibition area. We bring you our latest machinery and technology. The exhibits we brought to this exhibition include: biscuit mold rollers, silo systems, feeding stations and core filling machines. We felt the enthusiasm of friends from all over the world at this Canton Fair, and the scene was very popular.



Established in 1999 by a biscuit line engineer and a biscuit master, Golden Bake is driven to become the leading supplier of fully automated biscuit production line systems.  Our growing team of 280 employees is dedicated to achieving this vision through constant innovation, meeting specific client needs, and providing exceptional after-sales support.


Rich experience in baking food equipment allows our products to cover most baking production line equipment. Golden Bake product line covers:

Material Handling System

Flour/ Starch Weighing & Feeding System

Powdered Sugar Grinding & Weighing Feeding System

Liquid Storage & Dosing System

Small Ingredients Storage & Dosing System

Production Line

Hard/ Soft Biscuit Production Line

Cookie Production Line

Cream Puff Production Line

Wafer Stick Machine

Sponge Cake Production Line(New)

Automatic System After Baking

Cooling Conveyor System

Aligning and Feeding System

Packing System

Secondary Handling Machines

Golden Bake goes beyond just equipment. We offer a comprehensive service package that includes everything you need to get your biscuit production line up and running smoothly. From initial plant design and machine construction to final assembly and on-site commissioning, our team is there every step of the way. We even help you achieve your perfect biscuit with recipe development assistance. And don't worry about ongoing support – our after-sales service program ensures you're covered throughout your production line's lifespan.



The Canton Fair will come to a perfect conclusion today, and we have gained a lot. The schedule for visiting the factory agreed with the customer was also full, and the customer was very satisfied with our factory. With today's harvest, we look forward to the next Canton Fair!

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