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What Is Industrial Cookie Oven? How Does it Work

What Is Industrial Cookie Oven? How Does it Work


The commercial cookie oven turning dough into perfection through precision and efficiency. In this article, we will explore how industrial cookie ovens work and benefits and types.

Here's what we'll dive into:

● Industrial oven construction: Unpacking its components and design.

● Types of Industrial Cookie Ovens: From convection to tunnel, find out which oven bakes your favorite cookies.

● How industrial ovens work: Different biscuit ovens heat cookies in different ways

●The Baking Process: How technology ensures consistency and quality.

Stay tuned to unravel the secrets of industrial cookie ovens and how they transform simple ingredients into the treats we all love.

The Industrial Cookie Oven Construction

Industrial baking ovens play a crucial role in the massive production of various food products, including biscuits. These ovens are specifically designed to meet the high demands of industrial baking facilities that produce biscuits on a large scale. An industrial cookie oven works by using controlled heating and airflow to gradually raise the temperature of the materials placed inside. 

●Size Matters

Industrial cookie ovens are colossal, designed to bake hundreds, if not thousands, of cookies in a single go. Their spacious interiors are segmented into multiple baking chambers, each one a master of temperature and humidity control. This ensures every cookie, from edge to center, bakes evenly.

●Heating Elements: 

Unlike the cozy oven in your home, industrial models boast powerful, efficient heating systems. Whether they're gas-fired, electric, or even infrared, each brings its own perks to the table in terms of speed, efficiency, and that golden-brown perfection.

Conveyor System

A continuous belt gently ferries rows of unbaked cookies through the oven's heart. Here, they transform into golden-brown delights. This conveyor ensures a seamless journey from dough to done.

●Control Systems: 

Golden Bake industrial cookie oven use P.I.D+PLC control system, allow bakers to fine-tune temperatures, speeds, and timings with precision. This control is key for consistency, making it possible to replicate the perfect batch of cookies every single time.

Understanding the anatomy of an industrial cookie baking oven is just the beginning. These oven machines aren't just about efficiency.

Types of Industrial Biscuit baking oven

When it comes to baking cookies on a grand scale, not all ovens are created equal. The choice of oven can drastically affect the outcome, texture, and taste of the final product. Let’s explore the different types of industrial biscu ovens and what makes each unique.


1. Hot wind Convection Oven

● How they work: These ovens circulate hot air using fans, ensuring even heat distribution. Adjustable hot wind convection baking oven (DFC & IFC) use of hot wind circulation to heart the industrial cookie oven, can improve the biscuit’s bloating and make sure the surface of biscuit uniform color,is the unearthly baking oven for baking salt and sweet fermented biscuit. 

● Why choose them: 

1. Using hot air convection circulation system. Three imported special burner provides the heat needed, high burning speed, high efficiency, and more stable performance.

2. The reservation of high-temperature steam generated by burning can also be kept, which will help the biscuit surface of starch gelatinization, increase the degree of finish, better biscuit surface color and biscuit, avoiding black phenomenon


2. Hybrid Ovens

● How they work: Hybrid gas ovens consists of direct gas-fired heating(DGF), followed by convection heating toward the end of the baking process. The hybrid biscuit oven usually have direct zones followed by indirect zones for better implementation of heat & moisture control.

● Why choose them: The first and second temperature zones: the use of direct burning flame. Combustion uniform, high temperatures, the power adjustment range is wide, can meet the heat requirement of making biscuits expansion phase better and faster. 


3. Tunnel Ovens

● How they work: Cookies travel through a long tunnel on a conveyor belt, baking as they go. In a tunnel ovens, a fan distributes the heat from a gas burner, which can reach temperatures of 1000°F. Under normal conditions, industrial tunnel oven operate at temperatures between 180°F and 500°F. Heat is distributed rapidly by convection using propane or natural gas as fuel.  The image below is a tunnel oven with direct gas heating.

● Why choose them: 

1. Tunnel oven temperature can be chosen freely within the range of 320℃. The industrial cookie oven’s automatic temperature control and constant temperature are achieved by alternate work and adjustment of heating elements, which enables the oven to save energy, generate uniform heat and provide accurate temperature. 

2. Using the P.I.D+PLC control system, corresponding to the surface temperature and the bottom temperature respectively to meet the baking temperature of different biscuits.


4. Steam Ovens

●How they work: Steam ovens heat water to the boiling point and release the steam to heat the oven. They are used in applications where time and speed are not important. Their range of temperatures is limited to 212°F, the boiling point of water.

●Why choose them: They offer control and flexibility for artisanal bakers who demand perfection.


5. Infared Ovens

●How they work: Utilizing infrared technology, these ovens bake cookies through direct heat transfer, penetrating the dough quickly.

●Why choose them: For bakers looking to reduce baking time while ensuring even cooking, infrared is the cutting-edge choice.

Choosing the right industrial biscuit oven is pivotal. It’s about matching your production needs with the right technology to create the perfect batch every time. Whether you’re aiming for efficiency, versatility, or artisanal perfection, there’s an industrial oven tailored to your cookie-baking aspirations.

The Baking Process of Industrial Cookie Oven 

Step 1: Dough Preparation and Placement

The biscuit dough is meticulously prepared, often mixed in large, industrial dough mixing machine to ensure consistency. It's then portioned and placed on trays or directly onto the conveyor belt. Precision here is key; each piece must be identical to ensure even baking.

Step 2: The Heat Wave

As the cookies enter the oven, they're greeted by a wave of heat. The type of heating—whether convection, hybrid, or tunnel baking oven—affects the bake. Convection ovens circulate hot air for a uniform bake. Conduction transfers heat directly through the tray.

Step 3: Convey cookies Through the Oven

On their conveyor belt ride, cookies experience precisely controlled temperatures and humidity levels. This controlled environment ensures that every cookie, regardless of its position in the oven, turns out just right.

Step 4: Cooling and Beyond

Once baked to perfection, cookies are gently escorted out of the oven and into a cooling zone. Cooling is as crucial as baking; it sets the texture and stops the baking process. After cooling, cookies are ready for packaging, or even better, eating.


Our industrial cookie oven can make most wide range of different types of biscuits of excellent quality, from soda crackers/cream crackers to the ultimate thin potato biscuits/center filled biscuits. We are the first one to produce in industrial biscuit oven in China in model1200 biscuit line. We could try on model1500 biscuit line if required providing the best technology support.

The industrial biscuit oven is one of the main components of the biscuit production line. Since 1999, Golden Bake has accumulated rich experience in the production of industrial cookie ovens. With a team of 280 employees and a passion for innovation, we're here to supply the most automatic biscuit production line systems. Whether you're scaling up your bakery or seeking the pinnacle of baking perfection, Golden Bake is your ally.  Let's create unforgettable cookies together!

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