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Introduction to the structure and principle of the biscuit machine production line is

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-08

we know about the structure and principle of the biscuit machine production line? Small make up next to a simple story about for everybody biscuit machine structure and the original production line:

the structure and principle of the biscuit production line, shandong biscuit factory house to explain. We are favorite oreo, navigation of biscuits, are cooked by biscuit production line, at present, most of the biscuit manufacturers are using automatic production lines of biscuits, it can buy time to efficiently produce a rich variety of varieties of biscuits, created huge profits for the enterprise, so, what are fully automatic production line structure? What is it works? As is known to all, the production of biscuits takes living material, molding, baking, cooling, corresponding, biscuit production line also can automatically complete the work, in general, the biscuit production line including the biscuit molding machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric oven, injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwich machine, packaging machine, etc. , the working process of the biscuit molding machine is the part to the introduction of the prepared dough tablet, after three roller rolling continuously, make crust thickness of bread slices, after after conveyor belt into the forming part, after die stamping forming cookies on the shape and pattern, then choose some biscuits and remaining material separation within the remaining material is transferred to the beginning of hopper reused, cookies are transferred to the electric oven baking, after the completion of baking cookies into the cooling line cooling, if you want to produce sandwich biscuit, then after cooling, by Richard bread machine into the sandwich machine for processing, after finishing packaging can be cookies. Biscuit production line can automatically finish feeding, pressure surface, material recycling, molding, baking, cooling, can also change the fabric and the mold to produce different taste, different design and color of cookies, not only brought convenience to the biscuit production enterprises, also benefit the friends who like to eat cookies.

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