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The Butter Cookie and Its Recognizable Tin

The Butter Cookie and Its Recognizable Tin


Butter cookies are one of the world’s most famous cookies. They are also known as Danish cookies. Originating in Denmark, they are usually packaged in an iconic blue tin. Butter cookies are made of butter, flour, and sugar. Their basics are usually unseasoned, however, they are also often seasoned with chocolate, vanilla and coconut(some with sugar crystals on the top).

As for the cookies’ shape, it’s another detail that makes them unmistakable. There are five classic shapes: the rectangle, the vanilla ring, the pretzel-like form, two rounds, one slightly darker than the other and containing dried black currant, the other flavored with coconut. Butter cookies with different shapes need different baking temperatures and baking times. However, most butter cookie recipes are maintained as simply as possible to fully keep the flavor of the butter.

It’s not clear about the exact origin of the butter cookies. However, it’s no doubt that homemade high-fat ratio Danish butter cookies have been known since the late 1800s. Denmark has been a well-known exporter of butter cookies for many years, particularly in the US and Asia.

Some people love having butter cookies as snacks for break times. At the same time, others love having them for afternoon tea. In North America or some countries of Europe, butter cookies are served during Christmas Season. Nowadays, butter cookies are used as ingredients in desserts as well. Crushed butter cookies could provide a strong butter buttery flavor and crispy texture. In China, butter cookies are decent gifts for many festivals. This is thanks to the creative and beautiful packaging design of butter cookies.

Although there are differences in the design of different brands of cookie tins, it is undeniable that the merchants have all paid attention to the packaging of the tins. Royal Dansks might be the most famous Danish butter cookie brand in Europe and America. Their products are packed in highly recognizable tin cans displaying the Hjemstavnsgaard, an old Danish farmhouse located on the Fuen Island in Denmark. The Royal Dansks tins are so-called the Blue tins widely. Another famous brand of butter cookies is Kjeldsens Danish which is popular in China. Guess what, I'm so sure because of the look of that tin. The tin cans are used for maintaining cookie freshness effectively. Moreover, they are reusable, durable, and large enough to store other subjects making them deeply loved by every grandmother. That made probably a “surprise” of everyone’s childhood: open the tin with hope and find a bunch of needles and threads sadly.

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