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The Oil Spray Machine After Baking Process

The Oil Spray Machine After Baking Process


There are crackers and other varieties which have oil on the surface. This means the production lines of these products require additional machines called Oil spray machines. The oil spray machines are installed after the end of the tunnel oven. The baked biscuits are sprayed with vegetable oil immediately after coming out of the oven. This could improve the appearance of the biscuits and modify their taste of eating. The oil may carry flavors as well.

While operating, the oil spray machines will spray oil on the top or bottom or both the top and bottom surfaces of the biscuits. After spraying, biscuits may have oil contents of about 5% up to 18% of their total weight.

The oil spray machines have a stainless steel mesh belt conveyor to convey the hot biscuits. The electric heating tube in the oil tank heats the oil before spraying. Then the hot oil will be supplied by a pump to a series of spinning discs that atomize the oil into a fine spray. Usually with multiple discs to ensure a consistent oil spray. The number of discs depends on the width of the conveyor. Excess oil will flow back to the oil tank through the oil return sump for recycling.

Controlling the oil mist well is important to avoid oil contamination of nearby equipment and floor. The oil mist filter system is used to contain the fine mist and return it to the oil return sump for recycling use. In common, the conveyor of the oil spray machine should be more than 2m long. There should be an oil filter conveyor following the oil spray machine to provide enough time for biscuits to absorb the oil and prevent the oil from being carried onto the cooling conveyor belt.

Oil spray can enhance the appearance and taste of biscuits. It is a good choice to increase the value of biscuits. Contact us if you need any help with the biscuit production. If you find this article interesting, please follow our Facebook▶https://www.facebook.com/biscuitequipment    We will share more fun things about biscuits both on our website and on Facebook.

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