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Troubleshooting Guide for Industrial Biscuit Dough Sheeter Performance Issues

by:Golden Bake     2023-08-06

Troubleshooting Guide for Industrial Biscuit Dough Sheeter Performance Issues


Industrial biscuit dough sheeters play a crucial role in the process of biscuit production. These machines, however, can sometimes experience performance issues that hinder their efficiency and productivity. Understanding how to troubleshoot these problems can help operators and maintenance personnel resolve them effectively and minimize downtime. In this article, we will explore common performance issues faced by industrial biscuit dough sheeters and provide a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

I. Understanding the Basics of an Industrial Biscuit Dough Sheeter

To effectively troubleshoot performance issues, it is essential to understand the basic components and operations of an industrial biscuit dough sheeter. These machines consist of a conveyor belt, dough rollers, and flour dusters. The dough is fed onto the conveyor belt, which then passes through the rollers, gradually reducing the thickness until the desired thickness is achieved. Flour dusters ensure that the dough does not stick to the machine during the rolling process.

II. Identifying Common Performance Issues

1. Uneven Dough Thickness:

One of the common performance issues faced by dough sheeters is the production of uneven dough thickness. This issue may arise due to misalignment or wear and tear of the rollers. Operators should inspect the rollers for any misalignment, damaged or worn-out parts, and adjust or replace them accordingly. Regular maintenance and lubrication can also prevent this problem.

2. Dough Sticking to Conveyor Belt:

When the dough sticks to the conveyor belt, it can lead to inefficient performance and difficulties in the rolling process. Insufficient flour dusting or worn-out dusters are often the culprits behind this issue. Operators should ensure that the flour dusters are properly adjusted and provide adequate flour dusting. Regularly cleaning the conveyor belt and applying food-grade lubricants can also help prevent dough sticking.

3. Motor Overheating:

Industrial biscuit dough sheeters utilize powerful motors to drive the conveyor belt and rollers. Continuous usage without appropriate cooling can lead to motor overheating, resulting in reduced efficiency or even equipment breakdown. Operators should check the motor's cooling system, such as fans or vents, to ensure proper airflow. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the motor are crucial to avoiding overheating issues.

4. Machine Vibration and Noise:

Excessive vibration or unusual noise during the operation of a dough sheeter can indicate mechanical problems. Loose or misaligned components, damaged bearings, or even worn-out belts can cause vibration and noise. Operators should inspect the machine for any visible damage or wear, tighten loose components, and replace damaged parts to resolve these issues.

5. Irregular Belt Movement:

Smooth and consistent belt movement is essential for a dough sheeter's optimal performance. If the conveyor belt moves erratically or stops abruptly, it can disrupt the rolling process. Operators should inspect the belt for any obstructions or tears that could hinder its movement. Regular lubrication or belt adjustments, as mentioned in the manufacturer's guidelines, can help maintain proper belt movement.

III. Troubleshooting Techniques and Solutions

1. Regular Maintenance:

To avoid performance issues, operators should establish a regular maintenance schedule. This includes cleaning the machine, checking and tightening all bolts and screws, lubricating moving parts, and replacing worn-out or damaged components. By adhering to a comprehensive maintenance routine, operators can prevent many common performance problems.

2. Operator Training:

Properly trained operators can significantly reduce the occurrence of performance issues. Providing comprehensive training on machine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques can enhance their understanding of the equipment. Additionally, operators should be familiar with the manufacturer's guidelines and recommended procedures to address performance issues efficiently.

3. Keeping Records:

Maintaining detailed records of the machine's performance, maintenance activities, and identified issues can aid in troubleshooting. These records provide valuable information for identifying patterns or recurring problems, enabling maintenance personnel to take proactive measures.

4. Consulting the Manufacturer:

When facing complex performance issues or encountering problems beyond their expertise, operators should not hesitate to contact the equipment manufacturer for assistance. Manufacturers often have dedicated support teams that can offer guidance, troubleshoot remotely, or dispatch on-site technicians if required.


Industrial biscuit dough sheeters are essential pieces of equipment in the biscuit production process. By understanding their components, identifying common performance issues, and implementing proper troubleshooting techniques, operators can effectively address these issues. Regular maintenance, operator training, and seeking manufacturer support when needed, are key to maintaining the longevity and optimal performance of these machines.

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