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What is the biscuit machine molding principle

by:Golden Bake     2020-04-04

bun and simple piece of equipment which is good to talk about how cookies machine molding principle; Next small make up for you a simple story about content:

shandong biscuit machine reason, let you can't find don't like cookies machine molding principle of biscuit machine is made up of biscuit molding machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric oven, injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuits sorting machine, biscuit sandwich machine, packaging machine, etc. All controlled by CPU module, hanging type motor drive, compact structure, high degree of automation, from incoming, three way pressure surface, forming, sift sugar, transportation, waste, recycling. Baking, fuel injection, cooling, etc. All mechanical and electrical integration done automatically.

how to use baking cookies machine

( 1) Biscuit machine before the oven temperature is too high, especially the surface temperature is too high, at this time should be controlled oven temperature is high from the start, surface fire temperature should be increased gradually;

( 2) When baking gluten elasticity of the dough is too big, blocking gas passage is not easy to spread out, make the surface bubbles, at this time should be to reduce the elasticity of the dough, and have more the mold of the needle,

( 3) Raising agent agglomerate is not open, at this time should pay attention to agglomerate the reoccupy after raising agent crushing.

( 4) When the roll surface wear and flour is too much, should try to avoid dusting or less powder.
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