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Automation system after baking automatic biscuit making machine

Automation system after baking automatic biscuit making machine


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automatic handling system

Product Characteristics

The automatic system after baking includes a lot of machines.Automatic online feeding system for biscuit sandwiching machine, Biscuit row multiplying and combining system,Automatic tin loading system for cookies,Automatic paper cup loading system for cookies, Biscuit on-edge tray loader trayless packing machine feeder, Biscuit on-edge tray loader trayless packing machine feeder volumetric type, Smart belt-Automatic biscuit turn-over & automatic biscuit flap up feeding to packing machine, Automatic online tray loading system,Automatic tray loading system for secondary packing, Automatic tray loading machine for secondary packing, Automatic box packing machine, Automatic cartoning system, High speed cartoning machine, Trayless packing machine feeder-volumetric type.
At Golden bake,we prepared a tailored solutions for youto automate the production and packaging of biscuits - our solutions include products for chocolate coating, paper-cup or tin loading for cookies, packing and cartoning solutions for biscuits, and tray loading tools too.Our solutions are designed to ensure that the products are prepared, wrapped and packed as efficiently and effectively as possible.And it will be the most suitable for your factory.

Product Characteristics

-Reduce labour cost
-Improve work efficiency
-Improve food quality
-Improve food hygiene

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