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How The Process Of Hard Biscuit Works in Biscuit Factory

How The Process Of Hard Biscuit Works in Biscuit Factory


Biscuit is one of the most historical snack foods in the world.Biscuits date back to Ancient roman times. The term biscuitoriginated from the French word which means twice-cooked---the Old French word derived from the Latin words bis(twice) and coquere, coctus(to cook,cooked). The process yields a low-moisture baked good thats very stable during extended storage, making it ideal as a ration of the Roman Empire army.Biscuits are really delicious and popular. This article will take you to see the industrialized production process of biscuits.


The mixing of all ingredients can be done in one or more steps, depending on the type of biscuit to be made. The mixing temperature and the consistency of the dough play an important role in the quality of biscuits.The multi-step mixing process is preferred because it can make a uniform dough that is not completely unfolded.


Extruding, folding and sheeting dough to a predetermined thickness.(Every step should leave space for dough relaxing) .Then rotary cut the dough to become raw biscuits.The rotary cutter, a rotating roller with rotating cups, is then used to make the desired biscuits ready to bake.


The molded wet raw biscuits are supplied to the tunnel oven for continuous baking.Roughly,there are four temperature zone in the oven.


The baked biscuits will be on a cooling trip on the belt conveyor.A ratio of cooling to baking time should be at least 1.5:1 for better water evaporation.


Biscuits are stacked by penny stacker or star wheel stacker(depends on the type of biscuit) and fed to packing table or packing machines.

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