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Oven Band Cleaning

Oven Band Cleaning


Last time, we introduced the types of tunnel oven bands, however, the bands will inevitably accumulate dirt during use. This time we will discuss belt cleaning. As dirt builds up, there are various impacts on production. The lifetime of the band will be shortened. The heat circulation in the oven will be weakened may result in extending the time required for baking and increasing energy costs for ovens. Dirt may stick to the product and affect its appearance. Therefore, oven band cleaning is critical to the biscuit quality and oven performance.

The way to clean oven band

Brush cleaner

This is the most common cleaning method used in biscuit tunnel oven lines. They have independently driven brushes. If the brush cleaner works only from the bottom side of the band, some of the dirt might be pushed back into the mesh belt. So it is better to use a cleaner with brushes from both the top side and bottom side to avoid this happening. The brush from above should be better positioned before the bottom brush otherwise the dirt cannot fall through the mesh belt.

Use other types of band

Changing another type of band can also solve the dirt problem. The practice has proved that a mesh belt with a more open ratio is more conducive to cleaning. Therefore, using a mesh belt with a larger open ratio is a good idea. For example, heavy woven wire bands have a very high density and weight. There is no mesh opening in fact. Switching to a Z-type open wire mesh belt can gain much better cleaning.

Regular cleaning

As the less humidity the dirt contains the more possible it can be smashed off the belt wire and surface. Carbonization is used intentionally or unintentionally by most tunnel oven users. They let the oven run empty without product and increase the temperature to a higher level to carbonize the dirt. So that the brush cleaner can easier finish its job. Another popular method is water jet cleaning along with brush cleaning.

Generally speaking, the above methods are all helpful for cleaning the belt. However, the cleaning effect depends on the user's decision and cleaning plan. Contact us if you need any help with the oven or oven band. If you find this article interesting, please follow our Facebook▶https://www.facebook.com/biscuitequipment    We will share more fun things about biscuits both on our website and Facebook.

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