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Bakery China 2024, We Participated in An International Exchange in Baking Industry

Bakery China 2024, We Participated in An International Exchange in Baking Industry


In 2024, the food industry and consumer market will make steady progress and continue to pick up, and China's baked food industry is also expected to usher in a new round of high-growth opportunities. As a benchmark and business platform for the bakery food industry based in China and with a global perspective - the 26th China International Bakery Exhibition (Bakery China), co-sponsored by the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association and Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., has been held in It will be held at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from May 21 to 24, 2024. The four-day exhibition brings together more than 2,200 brand companies from nearly 30 countries and regions around the world with tens of thousands of products, with a display scale of 320,000 square meters. It aims to gather global wisdom and business opportunities and comprehensively display the latest technology in the baking industry. and development pattern, and promote industrial upgrading and high-quality development.


We have participated in this international event three times before. This time we participated in the exhibition again with our core products. The machinery on display this time includes: Flour Feeding Station, Weighing Hopper, Smart Turning/Bending Conveyor, Feeding Silo and Biscuit Mold Roll.


Flour Feeding Station:

As one of the important components of the flour feeding system. It incorporates feeding, dust removal, and sieving (with an explosion-proof design) to ensure safe and reliable operation. The system precisely feeds screened material into the pipeline system at a rate of 50kg/min (30 mesh).  Its surface is treated with a sandblasted finish for superior wear resistance and a clean, professional appearance. The all-stainless-steel, dust-proof frame guarantees durability and hygiene in your production environment. Additionally, the anti-cross powder design allows for independent feeding of two types of flour (A/B), offering increased flexibility for your operation.


Weighing Hopper:

This Weighing Hopper offers a precise and efficient solution for bulk flour handling. With a 1000kg effective capacity, it accurately weighs and dispenses flours A and B directly into your mixing bucket. The system cleverly caches weight data after measurement, saving time on repeat jobs. It boasts a rapid metering speed, delivering a combined A+B powder mix in just 3 minutes per cycle, utilizing a negative pressure powder feeding system for optimal efficiency. A user-friendly touchscreen PLC+HMI control unit simplifies operation. This versatile hopper boasts a variety of weighing modes, making it suitable for horizontal, vertical, and various other types of mixers. Safety is paramount, with a fully sealed, explosion-proof design and an error margin of only ±200g. A pneumatic sealing cover plate ensures zero powder leakage during discharge. The hopper is even compatible with two different sized barrels for whole wheat and fresh wheat, offering additional flexibility. For further safety, the bottom rail plate and push-in safety device provide additional peace of mind.


Smart Turning/Bending Conveyor:

The Smart Turning/Bending Conveyor is designed for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. Featuring a user-friendly design, a single person can replace the conveyor belt in just 20 minutes, minimizing maintenance interruptions. This conveyor eliminates the need for routine maintenance, saving you time and resources. Furthermore, the hygienic design ensures a clean and sanitary operation, while the high-quality PU belt boasts a long service life exceeding 12 months, minimizing replacement costs.


During the exhibition, there was a huge crowd, and there was an endless stream of customers consulting our machinery on site. Domestic and overseas customers have shown deep interest in our equipment. The exhibition has ended successfully today, and we look forward to seeing you at the next exhibition.

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