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Flour Silo System For Biscuit Production Line, Automatic Dosing System
Flour silo system is usually made of food-grade stainless steel and can range in size from a few hundred liters to several thousand liters, depending on the needs of the biscuit production process. Each silo is equipped with an accurate weighing and dispensing system that ensures precise dosing of the ingredients into the mixing process. This helps to maintain consistency in the quality and taste of the biscuits being produced.
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Three-function flour feeding station

Feeding, dust removal, screening, uniform feeding of the rotary valve at the bottom of the warehouse, anti-clogging powder

-With 30-mesh screening module, integrated at the bottom of the feeding station, button-type start-stop control

-Double-extraction negative pressure dust removal method

-With filter cartridge back-flushing gas separation device

-Built-in filter cartridge filtration, imported food-grade, anti-static filter material



flour weighing feeding system

2 type flour

Golden Bake

Cache Tank

-Capacity: 1000kg   Using negative pressure powder into the tank

-High and low material level control, indicator light display;
-The stirring motor at the bottom of the tank prevents the powder from arching, and the rotary valve discharges the material evenly.
-Safety manhole-pressure relief valve-electronic vacuum protection valve to adjust pressure and protect the tank




Flexible weighing mode, suitable for horizontal mixer, vertical mixing tank, mixer Error ±200g (fully sealed, explosion-proof design)

-Weigh the weights of A and B flours and discharge them into the mixing bucket at the bottom

-The effective capacity of the weighing tank is 80kg, and the amount of powder used for one time can be cached after weighing

-The metering speed of A+B powder is 3 minutes each time, negative pressure powder feeding, touch screen PLC+HMI control unit

Product Characteristics

The raw material auto-dosing system is placed at upstream of a biscuit production line. The system can ensure that the primary material in your formula can be set at the point of time, at the right dose, and added to the correct production process. For the feeding, we utilize the Complete self-suction feeding technology. It is equipped with a Vertical dust-free integrated machine for sugar crushing, mixing, storage, metering and discharging, it is Designed especially for sugar crushing in the baking industry. What’s more, with the efficient and durable negative pressure dust-free handling technology, our silo system has a unique design of a fast detachable filter device, which can clean quickly without dead corners; Self-cleaning filter device can operate automatically; Assurance of environmental protection and sanitation in the working area. More importantly, it has agitating bin with a weighing screw. It is a Specially designed fast detachable bin without sanitary dead corners, ensuring food safety. Last but not least, there is an accurate, efficient and stable metering device. It adopts a microcomputer control screw discharging mechanism, Integrates control of machine, electricity, light, and SCM and has the function of automatic quantification and automatic adjustment of measurement errors.


Providing customers with a whole automatic biscuit production line machinery which from material dosing to packing.


Dustless feeding station

Full material:304 stainless steel frame
Power: 1.1KW
Method of controlling: PLC control
Feeding capacity: 50kg/min(30 mesh)


Airflow sifter

Full material:304 stainless steel frame
Power: 0.55KW
Sieving capacity: 50kg/min(30 mesh)


Temporary storage tank

Full material:304 stainless steel frame
Power of mixing device on the bottom: 4KW
Power of transportation device on the bottom: 1.1KW
(Max)Capacity of each tank: 1 ton


Stainless steel convey pipeline

Full material:304 stainless steel frame


Exhauster packages

Full material: Carbon steel
Power: 15KW
Equipped with muffler


Flour weighing bin

Full material:304 stainless steel frame
Method of controlling: PLC Touch screen
Weighing bin capacity: 80kg each time(or Customized capacity)

Product Characteristics


-Adopt efficient, durable negative pressure conveying and feeding way with dust-free techniques handling.
-Ensure the workshop is dust-free, clean and hygienic
-Reduce the labor intensity
-Improve work efficiency


Hello panda biscuit also called center-filled biscuit production line. It is a hard dough biscuit that is hollow inside and pattern print on top. This kind of biscuit is often filled with chocolate and fruit-flavored cream in the center. Because of the lovely shape and sweet taste, it is very popular with children and young people. The center filling machine produced by Golden Bake can be used for chocolate filling into the center of the biscuit.
The cookies originated in Europe and were introduced to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the early 1980s, and then gradually spread to the mainland. Its characteristics are that the texture is crisp, the taste is full. Cookies belong to one kind of soft dough biscuit, the production process compared to hard dough biscuits, is slightly easier. First,or the mixing process of cookies, add the appropriate amount of cream, egg, plateau sucrose and other accessories to increase the flavor. Crushing the dough after mixing. Then convey the dough into the multi-function cookie forming machine, according to customer requirements to make wire-cut cookies or extruded cookies......
Cream Puff / Soes / Profiterole, also known as "Cream Hollow Cake" in Taiwan, is a spherical pastry originating from France. Common puffs include whipped cream, chocolate or ice cream from a fluffy, open-hole crust. The material wrapped inside is added by injection or by tearing the top; the top of the latter often needs to be replaced by other ingredients. You can also sprinkle powdered sugar, jelly, fruit or chocolate on top of the puff wrap. Depending on the fillings filled, the puffs have many different names in different places. The whole cream puff production line includes: Vertical dough mixer, Dough feeder, Puff forming machine, Puff oven, Drag conveyor, 5-layer dryer, Cooling conveyor and Injecting machine.
Finger biscuits are a kind of biscuit that looks like a finger. Because of its cute shape, it is very popular among children. After baking, a chocolate coating machine or duster can be optional to coat the front of biscuit sticks with chocolate to make sweet finger biscuits such as Pocky, or sprinkle with seasoning powder to make salty biscuit sticks, such as Pretz.

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