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How to Decide What Packaging Should be Used

How to Decide What Packaging Should be Used


Packaging means a lot to the biscuit production industry. Packaging allows biscuits/cookies to last longer and protects them from damage.  It makes bulk shipping convenient, moreover, it brings a second means of publicity to the biscuits. In this article, we will explore how to decide what packaging should be used.

1. Defining snack type

Firstly, we should consider the type of our snack. What kind of snack we are going to produce? Soda crackers, cookies, wafers...etc. Does the product need to be frozen translated? Does the product easy to mold? Does the product has a short shelf life? These product properties are important for us to decide on the packaging material.

2. Defining the Protective properties of the packaging

Another important factor is distribution radius. Nationwide distribution has a much higher rate of damage for products susceptible to vibration or drops damage than surrounding regional distribution.

3. Defining the Packaging Design and Marketing

As a way of product marketing, product packaging needs to consider factors such as design and shape. The function of packaging should be considered as well. For example, whether the product is displayed on the hanger. Or, does the opened packaging needs to be resealed?

4. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

The packaging materials need to comply with the regulations of the regulatory authorities while the packaging technology can not infringe patents.

5. Packaging test

We shall obtain some selected packaging materials for packaging testing of the product. Test how the product will change in the packaging and whether it meets the quality assurance requirements.

6. Supply and Cost of Packaging

At this stage, it is necessary to estimate the supply time of packaging materials. Whether the sale of the product is profitable after deducting the cost of packaging materials.

7. Market research

Market research is important before product and packaging launch. After confirming that the packaging design is accepted by consumers, it can be put into production.

The packaging contributes to the shelf-life, quality and appeal of products. It reprsents the first impression of products. Customers see the image on the packaging and touch the packaging material when they first meet the product. Then they decide to buy or not. Therefore, it’s important to choose packaging step by step. If you find this article interesting, please follow our Facebook▶https://www.facebook.com/biscuitequipment    We will share more fun things about biscuits both on our website and Facebook.

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