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Snack Pretzel

Snack Pretzel


The pretzel is a type of biscuit with a very unique symmetrical shape. It’s a type of biscuit made from flour and a few other ingredients. Pretzels come in many shapes and sizes but traditionally take the shape of a distinctive symmetrical form, a long strip of dough is twisted into a knot with the ends of the dough strip intertwined and twisted back onto itself in a special way. The origin of this snack is often associated with Germany, though numerous other claims regarding the origin. The origin of pretzel has Christian background and they were invented by German monks. Although a legend says the inventor of pretzels is an Italian monk who gives children salty pretzels as a reward for learning their prayers. Moreover, a German story says desperate bakers held captive invented pretzels to seek pardon and release from being hostage.

There are many varieties of pretzels, they mainly include soft pretzels as a kind of bread that should be eaten shortly after baking, and hard-baked pretzels which have a long shelf life. Hard-baked pretzels originated in the United States. In 1850, the Sturgis bakery in Lititz, Pennsylvania first baked commercial hard pretzels. This kind of snack is made in the form of loops, braids, alphabets, little pretzels, or sticks(Golden Bake biscuit stick production line can produce pretzel sticks). The thicker type of pretzel stick is called the Bavarian pretzel or pretzel rod in the U.S. Hard pretzels are marketable in a variety of convenience stores and have become a popular snack in many countries around the world. In the first half of the 1900s, automatic hard pretzel machines were invented to achieve large-scale production. These automatic hard pretzel twisting machines can do more than twice as fast as skilled hand twisters could make. 

Soft Pretzel
Hard Pretzels

There are many flavors of hard pretzels. In Europe, hard pretzels are usually sprinkled with salt, sesame seed or cheese. In America, they come in wide varieties of flavors and coatings, such as yogurt, chocolate, strawberry, cheese and others. In Asia, Pretz and Pocky are popular pretzel stick snacks(so call biscuit sticks) sprinkled with various flavor powders or coated with various flavor chocolates. 

Chocolate Coated Biscuit Sticks
Pretzel Sticks(Biscuit Sticks)

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