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Things about biscuit sandwiching machine

Things about biscuit sandwiching machine


Biscuit is usually slice by slice in everyone's impression, while the sandwich biscuit is known as a type of biscuit made from two thin or medium biscuits with a filling between them. For effective producing sandwich biscuits, biscuit sandwiching machines are essential to be used in famous sandwich biscuit factories.

When manufacturing sandwich biscuits, biscuits could be automatically sandwiched with jam or cream or two different filings. Workers in the biscuit factories normally fed the biscuits from the packing table to a set of vibrating feed channels. These vibratory conveyors provide a stable and uniform feed to the sandwiching machine. This can avoid breaking and untimely feeding of biscuits. The biscuits are stripped one by one from the feed channels by biscuit pusher pins on a chain conveyor. This places the bottom biscuit under a rotary stencil which will deposit the cream/jam. Later the top biscuit will be placed for the final sandwich biscuit forming.


Vibrating Feed Channels

Biscuit Sandwiching

The cream deposit is made by rotary stencils, fed by a group of cream pumps from which the fillings accumulate and are measured. Then the fillings are supplied to the rotary stencils for depositing. The sandwiching machine may have multi-lanes, 2, 4 and up to 6 lanes in general. The output of each lane depends on the product and machine characteristics.

There will generally be a biscuit queue multiplier after sandwiching machine. This machine multiplies the filling machine’s output queues by a higher number than the input queues. The use of it is to distribute sandwich biscuits on a large conveyor for cooling or packing.

Cream Feed

Biscuit Queue Multiplier

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