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Biscuit stacking after cooling in biscuit manufacturing

Biscuit stacking after cooling in biscuit manufacturing


Biscuit Stacking is an important processing part before packing in biscuit manufacturing. Usually, well-baked biscuits need to go through long cooling conveyors before packaging. As the longer the biscuits travel on the cooling conveyors, the more the number of transfer points, and the more jumbled up biscuit positioning gets. Therefore, a biscuit stacking machine is required to collect biscuits and arrange them. It’ll stack them on the edge or overlap each other for the convenience of packaging. In fact, adjusting the number of lanes of biscuits before stacking biscuits will be more conducive to the stacking of biscuits. To achieve this stacker feeder conveyors with channeling boards may be used. These types of equipment have been designed to lane distribute, lane reduce and lane multiply. In most conditions, they are simple devices that aim to push the biscuits sideways instead of arresting their forward movement and guiding them into the infeed of the biscuit stacking machine. There are two types of biscuit stacking machines: the rotary stacker(star wheel stacker) and the penny stacker.

The rotary(star-wheel) stacker allows a more vertical orientation of the biscuits even working with independent lanes. It is more suitable for those biscuits with regular shapes such as round biscuits and rectangular biscuits. Moreover, biscuits that are too thin are not suitable for this type of stacker due to the high-speed operation of the star wheels may break biscuits easily.

The penny stacker relies on acceleration by a fast conveyor which throws each biscuit forward over the one before on another slow conveyor. As shown in the picture below, this type of biscuit stacker can stack at very high speeds which is appropriate when stacking thin biscuits.

Star Wheel Stacker

Penny stacker

The biscuit stacking machines are usually stacking biscuits directly right onto the packing table (or the table next to a biscuit sandwiching machine). The height of the stacker should be suitable for the operator sitting or standing next to it while they pack the biscuits or transfer the biscuits to the feeding strips of the packing machine or sandwiching machine. However, we have full automatic handling and stacking systems (shown in the picture) in which stacked biscuits will be conveyed directly on the feeding strips. More effective than ever!


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