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wire cut cookie machine
A biscuit wire cutter machine is a type of industrial equipment used in the baking industry to cut biscuits or cookies into desired shapes and sizes. The machine consists of a conveyor belt that carries the dough to a wire cutting section. The wire cutting section is equipped with multiple thin wires that move across the dough, cutting it into individual biscuits. The machine ensures uniformity in the size and shape of the biscuits, increasing production efficiency in large-scale biscuit manufacturing.


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Depositing motor

Made in China(1.5KW)


Twisting motor

Made in China(1.5KW)


Dosing motor

Made in China(1.5KW)


Demoulding motor

Made in China(1.5KW)


Conveyor motor

Made in China(0.75KW)


Data system controller

PLC control


Control screen

7 inch HMI

Product Characteristics

Cookie Dough Cutter Machine For sale

-High speed & high capacity
-Low consumption

Product Advantages

1. Increased efficiency: Using a cookie dough cutter machine to cut biscuits reduces the time and effort required compared to cutting them by hand. This allows for higher production rates and improved overall efficiency.


2. Consistency: The wire cut cookie machine ensures that each biscuit is cut to the same size and shape, providing consistent results every time.

3. Precision: Biscuit wire cutter machines are designed to cut precise shapes and sizes, resulting in accurately shaped biscuits. This is especially important for products that require specific dimensions, such as sandwich biscuits or layered pastries.


4. Versatility: Many biscuit wire cutter machines come with interchangeable wire frames or cutters, allowing for a wide range of shapes and sizes to be produced. This versatility enables manufacturers to offer a variety of biscuit options to customers.


5.Cost savings: By increasing production rates and reducing labor costs, manufacturers can achieve higher profitability.


6. Ease of use: Biscuit wire cutter machines are typically designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal training and expertise to operate. This makes it easier for manufacturers to integrate these machines into their production lines.


7. Hygiene and safety: Biscuit wire cutter machines are often made from stainless steel or other food-grade materials, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

① The Multifunctional Cookies Machine with the function involving Functions include extrusion, twisting, stretching and wire cutting is used to making multi-layer extrusion cookies.


Biscuit production line used for automatic making biscuit.

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