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The Origin And History Of Cookie

The Origin And History Of Cookie


The Origin And History Of Cookie

A piece of cookie with a cup of tea or coffee constitutes a simple pleasure in the afternoon.With a long history, the cookie is loved by people all around the world.However,have you ever wonder how the first cookie came to be and developed in the history under different environmental factors.

7th Century A.D.

The first cookies are supposed to be test cakes that bakers use to test the oven temperature. They come from Persia, today's Iran, from the 7th century AD. They were one of the first countries where sugar cane was grown and harvested.Luxurious cakes and pastries were a well-known treat of the incredibly wealthy Persian Empire.

Gradually, with war and the development of the spice trade, sugar was introduced to the Mediterranean and European countries

14th Century

Wafer-like cookie was appeared at the Paris food market by the 14th-century.

16-17th Century

Teacake became very popular in Europe. These shortbread biscuits were very similar to today's shortbread biscuits, but with less sugar. They didnt taste quite sweet as your traditional cookie. On the contrary, they have a richer taste and cream.

As Europeans entered the Americas, they also brought cookie recipes.And soon they adapted the recipe, then American butter cookies appeared.So American butter cookies have a lot to do with English teacake and Scottish shortbread.

Famous cookies through the history

Animal-shape crackers originated in the England.They were called Animals when importing from England to the US.Animal biscuit crackers were made and sold under the National Biscuit Company banner.Animals crackers were officially named Barnums Animals.There are 53 varieties of animal shapes have been featured in Barnums Animals cracker since 1902.

Biscotti originated in Italy.The word Biscotto means twice-cooked , it characterised biscuits that were baked twice, so they are very dry and good for Long-term storage.Since they are very dry, biscotti are traditionally served with a drink they can be dipped in.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie was well-known invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield by chance,who gave the original recipe to Nestle and was paid supply of chocolate through her lifetime.With the help of demanding form soldiers for the chocolate chip cookie during the 2nd World War, the cookies became popular in the east coast.In 1956, the cookie recipe was brought to the UK.

The Fig Newtown is still up for debate for its origin.One claim is that it was made possible by inventor James Henry Mitchell who invented the duplex dough-sheeting machines and funnels that made the jam-filled cookies possible;Another claim is that the Fig Newtown was instead first created in 1899 by Charles Martin Roser in St. Petersburg, Florida,who had a cookie and candy manufacturing company.

These are only some of the famous cookies in the world.How to produce cookie industrially?At GOLDEN BAKE, we love to provide customers solution of manufacturing biscuit/cookie.If you are interested in forming a biscuit/cookie production line, choose us.If you are interested in more information of cookie, send us a message today!

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