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The Baking Oven For Industrial Biscuit Manufacturing

The Baking Oven For Industrial Biscuit Manufacturing


Biscuits and cookies have a very long history and are loved all over the world.Everyone likes to eat biscuits as a snack or as to temporarily satisfy their hunger.As for me, I like to drink coffee with two crunchy cookies in a leisurely afternoon.Well-baked biscuits will give a unique taste, rather than taste like burnt.

Baking is a very important process, but it is very complex and somewhat difficult to understand and describe. The design of an oven is mainly a question of heat transfer and control, but for the baker it is a question of temperatures and turbulence in certain phases.Heat and temperature are not the same and should not be confused. It is relatively easy to measure temperatures in an oven, but it is much more difficult to measure heat, or heat flux, which is the rate at which heat is transferred. The heat is transferred much more effectively when the air moves near the dough piece at a certain temperature. Hence the process of baking is completely dependent on the heating system and heat temperature that is applied in baking.

Traditional ovens generally provide heat by burning a fuel such as gas or oil.Then there are ovens that use electricity as energy, Indirect   radiating  cyclotherm oven and Hybrid oven that mix gas and electricity.All three modes are always involved, although technical techniques are used to amplify the effects of each one. The furnace design is determined by the constraints of ensuring efficient heat transfer, allowing rapid and precise control of temperatures under varying load conditions, and providing the heat in predominantly one of the three required operating modes. All ovens are inadequate in one way or another, so an understanding of what is going on should help set up an oven to provide the best possible conditions.

                 Direct Gas Oven
                 Electric Oven
                 Hybrid oven

Pieces of dough are carried on a baking surface, which is usually a sheet of steel or metal wire mesh. As it enters the oven, heat is supplied to the dough piece through a combination of heat conduction (through the baking surface), convection (from the hot air flowing in the oven) and radiation (from the hot surfaces of the oven structure). Radiant heat at the wavelengths involved does not significantly penetrate the dough piece. The most effective form of heat transfer is convection, but moving hot air also removes moisture and dries the surface of the dough very quickly.

Only by choosing the right oven according to the production needs of our own factory, can we find the best solution between saving costs and obtaining better products.We, Golden Bake, specializing in biscuit producing machinery since 1999 and become the LARGEST GROUP biscuit machine manufacturer in Guangdong,China.Leave a message if any question, we are glad to help you!

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