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Biscuit Design and Rotary Cutter

Biscuit Design and Rotary Cutter


There are a variety of biscuits with different designs on the market. Have you ever wondered what determines biscuits’ design? While manufacturing biscuits, the shape and pattern of biscuits are determined by the cutting rolls, moulding rolls and dies. Moreover, cutting rolls and moulding rolls are designed to make the maximum number of raw biscuits as possible per square meter of oven band. As for the design of dies, the spread of raw biscuit doughs in the oven is taken into account.

In general, there is about 8-10mm spacing between the edge of biscuits and the edge of conveying belt. The distance between raw biscuit doughs is also required to provide a network of cutter scrap that is strong enough to be lifted after the cutting process without breakage.

During the baking process, the water vapor in the dough of hard sweet biscuits or crackers will expand rapidly and needs to be released. At the same time, the raw biscuits expand and lift to form a thin crispy texture. Due to the uneven release of water vapor, the biscuits may puff up irregularly or crack the surface into pits. To avoid that, biscuits are designed to have a series of holes known as docker holes. With such design, the vapor is released evenly while the flat surface and the even thickness of the biscuit are maintained. This is of great help to the success of the subsequent automatic packaging process as well.

One roll

Achieve both pining and outline cutting

Two rolls

Docker pin roll and cutting roll

The rotary cutter used for biscuit forming are of two types:

1. Two rolls, one immediately after the other

2. Only one roll

For the two rolls type, the first roll pins docker holes and prints required pattern while the second roll cuts only the outline of the biscuit and cuts out the network of scrap.A single rotary roll needs to achieve both pining and outline cutting with only one roll. In most cases, it runs well and saves equipment capital. However, the raw biscuit doughs are easy to be lifted while cutting and pinning at the same time for the reason the pinning down facility is not independent of the cutting pressure. So it’s advised that use two rolls forming unit to avoid the disruption to production when malfunction happens.

These are brief introductions about the design of biscuits and rotary cutters in the biscuit production line. I hope you enjoy it. If you find this article interesting, please follow our Facebook ▶https://www.facebook.com/biscuitequipment    We will share more fun things about biscuits both on our website and Facebook.

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