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Brief Introduction of Biscuits’ Secondary Processes

Brief Introduction of Biscuits’ Secondary Processes


When we are in the supermarket, the shelves are filled with an assortment of biscuits. Just think about what we are attracted to when we choose biscuits. Appearance, taste, texture, package...... these are all helpful to the sale of biscuits. We can imagine that the forming machine unit gives the shape of biscuits; the recipe and oven give the taste, color, and texture of biscuits; the packing machine gives the type of package. However, the most important business card must be the package. It reflects the combination of product style and material.

Well, besides all of this, we can give biscuits secondary processes to increase the added value of competition. Furthermore, the secondary processes can also differentiate the product between yours and your competitors in a market that is increasingly saturated with products. Secondary processes can range from the surface to the inside, simple to complex. Here are some types of secondary processes usually:

Enrobing biscuit with chocolate or coatings

Chocolate biscuit products are very sellable in all the countries of the world except countries with the hottest weather. In general, machines known as enrobers are used to finish the enrobing of products with chocolate or coatings. The enrobers, with tempering devices, have an open wire mesh conveyor carrying biscuits through a bath of chocolate circulated from below and a curtain of chocolate poured from above. Enrobing biscuit is a very popular type of secondary processing.


Sandwiching biscuit with cream or jam

Another famous type of secondary processed biscuits is sandwiched biscuits. In usual, two thin biscuits(biscuit shells) of the same thickness contain a layer of cream or jam. Biscuit shells could be soft or hard dough biscuits. In biscuit manufacturing, biscuit sandwiching machines are used to finish bottom biscuit- cream(jam)- top biscuit processes along.


Sprinkling biscuit with powder

Sprinkling is a simple type of secondary processing. Typically, a sprinkling machine with a mesh belt or PU belt conveyor carrying biscuits through flavor powder(icing sugar, etc.) sprinkling above.


Center filling

It is a special type of secondary processing for hard biscuits like Hello panda biscuits. Biscuits are hollow inside, filled with chocolate or cream by the filling needles of the center filling machine.



These are the common and classic types of biscuit secondary processes. If you are interested in upgrading your production line with secondary processing machines, please feel free to contact us! We will provide professional service about the production line of pressed cookies or sandwich cookies. Please follow our Facebook  GOLDEN BAKE | Facebook , we will update more articles about bakery food.

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