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History and Classification of Cookies

History and Classification of Cookies


Usually, when we mention biscuits, we also think of cookies. Such simple snacks have been integrated into our lives. Cookies are often served with beverages: milkcoffee or tea. I believe a cookie is one of the best choices for afternoon desserts.

History of cookies

A cookie is usually a small, flat, and sweet snack(dessert). Generally speaking, the ingredients of cookies are sugar, flour, oil, egg or butter. Cookies are baked till they are crispy and retain their softness(depends on how long they are baked) in common. The word “cookie” could date from at least 1701 in Scotland, with usage where the word meant “plain bun” instead of thin baked good. Therefore, it is hard to confirm whether it is the same word. The word “cookie” is used in American English in the sense of “small, flat, sweet cake”. It is claimed that it is derived from the Dutch word koekje which means “little cake”.

There were cookie-like hard wafers existing since baking is documented. However, they were not sweet enough to be considered cookies. The earliest cookies appear to have come about in 7th century AD Persia. Sugar was used relatively common in this country and was spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain. In the early history of cookies, the jumble was the most famous one. It is a slightly hard cookie made of water, nuts and sweetener, which traveled especially well and became known by similar names.

Types of cookies

There will be thousands of recipes for cookies these days. But we can divide them into 9 main groups according to how they are formed:

Bar cookies (also known as tray bakes)

Drop cookies such as chocolate chip cookies

Filled cookies such as Hamantashen

Molded cookies are made from a stiffer dough that is molded into balls or cookie shapes by hand before baking

No-bake cookies are made by mixing a filler(cereal or nut) into a melted confectionery binder.

Pressed cookies are made by cookie machines that extrude a raw cookie into various decorative shapes before baking

Refrigerator cookies (also known as icebox cookies)

Rolled cookies are made by a cookie cutter from a stiffer dough into different shapes of cookies. The Gingerbread men I mentioned last week are an example.

Sandwich cookies are cookies rolled by hand or pressed by a machine that finally are assembled into sandwiches with a sweet filling such as cream and jam. The world-famous Oreo cookie is a typical example.


Chocolate chip cookie
Raw pressed cookie
Pressed cookie
Oreo Sandwich cookie

If you are interested in producing cookies, please feel free to contact us. We will provide professional service about the production line of pressed cookies or sandwich cookies. Please follow our Facebook  GOLDEN BAKE | Facebook , we will update more articles about bakery food.

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