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Flat Wafer Biscuit - A Specialized Type of Biscuit

Flat Wafer Biscuit - A Specialized Type of Biscuit


Wafers are one of the most popular varieties of sweet biscuits. This type of light-textured biscuit is generally made from cereals. They are crispy, thin, dry, and flat, with characteristic deep relief surfaces. The applications of wafers in the food field are mainly divided into two aspects: on the one hand, as the edible carriers of an added food such as ice cream; On the other hand, as sweet snacks to be eaten. The origin of wafers can date back to ancient Egypt. However, it’s said that they were eaten with various names in parts of medieval Europe.


Wafers have several main ingredients in commercial production: flour, water, salt, fat, sugar, and sodium bicarbonate, or yeast. Most wafers sold in supermarkets are large flat sheet shapes while forming. After cooling and cream sandwiching, they are rigid to cut with saws or wires. The batters to form wafer sheets contain little or no sugar, therefore the wafer sheets are rather tasteless.

Wafers producing process

First, mix the water-soluble components evenly and add farinaceous ingredients to form the wafer batters. Ensure the batter viscosity is low enough to overflow and cover the pan. After preparation, wafer batters are pumped into the oven and spread to the plates. The forming and baking of wafer sheets finish in the wafer oven. The baking times range is better at 1.5-2.5 min while the baking temperature is at 160-190°C usually to achieve even moisture, thickness, texture and color. After baking, the wafer sheets are released and cooled. Later the wafer sheets are conveyed to the coating station, where the cream coating is done at 30-40°C. Coated sheets are built up one by one to create book-like sheets. These sheets are carried into a cooling tunnel to set the cream. The cooled sheets are cut into flat wafer biscuits with the required sizes by wires, blades or circular saws. Finally, the flat wafer biscuits are conveyed to packing machines for packaging in flow packs, boxes and bags.

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