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Soft Dough Biscuit & Rotary Moulding Machine

Soft Dough Biscuit & Rotary Moulding Machine


Soft dough biscuits are common biscuits made from soft dough with higher fat and sugar content than crackers and hard dough biscuits. With the simplest type of raw biscuits forming process, they are produced widely with high output. Therefore the type list of soft dough biscuits could be massive and very extensive: Digestive, Nice, Trakinas, Lotus biscoff, Oreo sandwich biscuits……

Forming Process

To feed the soft dough evenly at a constant rate, the bulk dough may be conveyed to the dough kibbler above the hopper of the rotary moulding machine. The dough is then kibbled into small pieces and conveyed evenly across the width of the conveyor. The kibbled dough is fed and pressed against the moulding roll. The dough is pressed into the moulds on the roll and then the roll extracts the dough pieces(raw biscuits) on a cotton canvas belt. While forming, the pressure between the moulding roll and extracting roll increases and creates suction to extract the raw biscuits from the moulds. Excess dough is removed by the scraper knife acting on the moulding roll surface, so there is no scrap for cut raw biscuits. Then they are transferred to the oven band by the panning conveyor. There would be balance settings for adjusting parameters: the gap between the forcing and moulding rolls, the position of the scraper, the pressure between the moulding roll and extracting roll, the differential speed between the moulding roll and the cotton canvas belt.

Rotary moulds

A square shape product is harder to wedge than those products with round or rectangular shapes. However, engraving the surface of the moulds or having the surface treated could help. The surface treatment is only on the dies, firstly sandblasting and then coating with Teflon. The surface tension between the dough and the treated dies is reduced, which improves raw biscuits' release from the dies. The design of the dies on the rotary moulding doll should be considered on their consistency, shape, surface finish and dough consistency.

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