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Things about the forming part in the biscuit industry

Things about the forming part in the biscuit industry


Biscuit has a very ancient history, is one of the most famous snacks all over the world. Biscuits could be homemade, produced by a bakery shop, or manufactured by a biscuit factory. Due to the reason of continuously high yield, there’s a clear difference between industrial and home-made biscuit forming. Today, we are going to discuss the forming part of the biscuit industry. Forming can be roughly divided into 3 steps: sheeting, gauging and cutting. They are the important process of industrial biscuit manufacturing.

Generally speaking, the sheeter’s function is to compact and gauge the dough mass into a sheet that is of even thickness and at the full width of the plant; The function of gauge rolls is to further reduce the thickness to that required for cutting; The function of the cutter is to cut raw biscuit uniformly.

Sheeting and gauging

While sheeting, it’s important for the sheeter to make sure that the dough sheet is smooth without significant holes. Then the sheet will pass into several sets of gauge rolls. The thickness of dough that comes out from the gauge roll will be generally greater than the gap size. This is because there is still air in the dough and the elasticity of the dough. So, it’s necessary to set up several sets of gauge rolls with a certain distance between them.


While cutting, the most creative part, is designed to produce the outline of the desired size and shape of your product. In the meantime, the surface imprint and docker holes are made by the mold. Then come out raw biscuits and scrap dough net. Using a scrap pick-up conveyor to lifted up scrap dough and transfer it back to the head of the forming part. Exact control of the speeds of the different transports and machines is imperative to guarantee that the cutter runs easily to create the fitting measure and shape of biscuit.

Scrap dough being lifted up
Scrap dough recycle conveyor

These are brief introductions of biscuit forming in the industry. I hope you enjoy it. 

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