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Biscuit cooling, important in biscuit manufacturing

Biscuit cooling, important in biscuit manufacturing


In biscuit factories, packing areas are usually not right next to the baking oven. Actually, biscuits are transported from the oven exit to the packing area with a long distance. Incorrect cooling will cause well-baked biscuits which have been baked beautifully entirely spoilt.

In the early years of biscuit manufacture, the cooling of biscuits took place on the trays upon which they had been baked. Using biscuit cooling conveyor to take them to a place for packing or secondary processing. Biscuits got the chance to cool down from these conveyors. However, it seems the ideal/minimum time required for cooling had not been carried out. If biscuits expose to the air for too long, the operation and maintenance costs of the conveyors will be a waste. Also, under high humidity conditions, biscuits may absorb more moisture before packing. And if the cooling is not enough, hot biscuits may cause shrinkage and deformation of the packing plastic films. Otherwise, hot biscuits will end up sweating in the package.

biscuit cooling conveyor system

Apparently, a good cooling system can keep well-baked biscuits in good condition from the factory to the hand of customers. In most cases, biscuits that are freshly baked will be transferred through the introduction diversion and curve belt conveyors to the suitable location for the packing step. The cooling conveyor length normally provided in such a system varies between once and twice the length of the baking chamber and the simplest arrangement is known as the Paperclip Cooling System which is shown in our illustration. This is very economical. Besides, there is also a Z-type conveyor which could make full use of vertical space. It’s recommended that biscuits travel 1.5 times the length of the oven on the cooling conveyor.

                Paperclip Cooling System

                 Z-type conveyor

In biscuit cooling conveyor system, turning conveyors have a wide range of applications. Our STM turning conveyors, with special structures, provide a stable and almost uninterrupted production guarantee. Unlike traditional turning conveyors driven by chains, STM turning conveyors drive the belt directly through the motor. They are easy to disassemble and assemble, greatly reduce belt replacing time and bring convenience to daily clean.


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