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Laminating for Better Hard Biscuits

Laminating for Better Hard Biscuits


Compared with soft biscuits, hard biscuits are generally crunchy, and in the biscuit production process, the taste of hard biscuits can become more layered on this basis. Usually, the dough is laminating on the biscuit production line to improve various properties of the dough sheet. During laminating, the dough is rolled, folded and turned through 90°at least once to build up a layered structure before gauging and cutting. Generally speaking, this will introduce more fat between the dough layers resulting in a more delicate sheet-like structure of the product.

In biscuit manufacturing, laminators are used to accurately finish cutting, stacking and conveying the laminated dough sheet to the forming unit. The laminator is divided into vertical and horizontal laminators, and vertical laminators are more commonly used.



The Vertical Laminator

Vertical laminators usually consist of 3 roll sheeters. When running, about 10-12 layers can be stacked. The advantage of them is that they allow for the continuous smooth action of most of the parts. Golden Bake vertical laminators, equipped with seven rolls, the sheet can be rolled four times. Except for the first roll group, the other rolls are made of chilled cast iron by grinding, with high precision, ideal surface hardness and roughness, and can roll out high-quality dough sheets.



Horizontal Laminator

Having the similar performance to the vertical laminators, horizontal laminators stack layers horizontally before the lapper on which the sheeting, gauging and dust filling will take place. While running, the dough sheet is laid down only with the retraction of the lapper. Moreover, only the top of the dough sheet will appear on the laminated dough pile. The advantage of this type of laminator is the fact that multiple lappers are available when required.

These are the brief introductions to the forming of hard biscuits. If you are interested in upgrading your production line with laminating machines, please feel free to contact us! We will provide professional service about the production line and machine. Please follow our Facebook  GOLDEN BAKE | Facebook , we will update more articles about bakery food.

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