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Rich Tea Biscuit: Best Biscuit to Dunk in Tea

Rich Tea Biscuit: Best Biscuit to Dunk in Tea


Rich tea is a classic type of sweet biscuit. It is a relatively healthier biscuit which is only about 38 kcal per biscuit. Rich tea is one of the most popular biscuits in the United Kindom. In British, people really like to enjoy it on their tea break. They’re usually made from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil and malt extract. They were originally called Tea biscuits and were first made in the 17th century in Yorkshire as a light snack between full-course meals for the British upper class.

Macvitie’s is possibly the best-known biscuit manufacturer in the UK. They have used the brand name "Rich Tea" since 1891 though other main supermarkets do sell their own brand of these biscuits. Rich tea biscuits might look staid and plain, very classic in shape. However, every light bite contains lovely malt and wheat flavors. Digestive biscuits are often associated with rich tea biscuits. Made up of wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil and rasing agents, they were invented as a kind of digestion aid. Rich tea biscuits are more like a kind of crackerlike alternative. Rich tea biscuits are thinner and crisper than digestive biscuits. The delicate difference between these two kinds of biscuits is that digestive biscuit is easier to crumble whilst rich tea snaps. Possibly, rich tea biscuits are the crispest of all sweet biscuits. Therefore, it is said that Rich tea is the most dunkable biscuit. While dunking, it goes soft with no loss of shape and it wont fall into the tea easily. Biting it in your mouth, you will feel the texture of biscuits like moist sand somehow and thats really pleasant. Rich tea also derived finger variety from the classic version, a long thin finger shape version. Then a sandwich version that has cream sandwiched between two biscuits. Although the chocolate covered range is gaining in popularity, Rich Tea is still one of the best biscuits. Interestingly, Prince William chose a grooms cake for his wedding reception made from 1700 McVites rich tea biscuits and chocolates in 2011.


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