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Cookie Forming

Cookie Forming


Extruding is a simple means of dough forming for soft, high-fat dough cookies. A cookie extruding machine forces the pourable dough through holes in a die plate. Since cookie dough is much more fluid than hard and soft dough, it can be called a batter. Therefore, the dough is extruded instead of sheeted or molded. Depositing is a form of extrusion as well, there is no difference from each other. The firmest cookie doughs(similar to soft biscuit doughs) are usually wire cut. In particular, wire cutting is able to form sticky raw cookies containing coarse particles such as dried raisins, chocolate chips, nuts and so on.

Cookie forming machine

In general, cookie forming machines consist of a hopper and two rolls that play the role of extruding dough. It is a simple design, the two feeding rolls generate friction with the batter while running to achieve and thereafter the batter pressure. The extruding rate is affected by the feeding roll speed, the consistency of the batter and the pressure in the chamber. While the dies decide the shape and size of extrusion.



While forming the soft, smooth and almost pourable consistency dough, the depositing machine is more suitable than the wire cutting machine. There are cone shape piping nozzles below the rolls and they could have patterned ends to provide strong relief to the raw cookies while depositing. Individual and intermittent deposits may be achieved through the lowering and raising of the depositing machine. When the nozzles are lowered to be near the oven band or conveyor belt, the batter is then extruded onto the band or conveyor belt. After finishing extrusion, the nozzles are allowed to raise back and the deposit breaks away from the nozzles.



Wire cutting

Different from the depositing machines, the nozzles are replaced with a batter band below the rolls. There are dies arranged on the batter band. The dough is extruded through dies and then cut by reciprocating wire. The raw cookies then drop directly onto the oven band or conveyor belt. It is possible to have different shape dies on the batter band which allows variety production for packs of assorted cookies.

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