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The Process to Make Cookie

The Process to Make Cookie


A cookie is a kind of sweet soft biscuit. A cookie could be any small cake based on flour, sugar and fat by definition. Its name cookie comes from the Dutch “koekje”, which means “tiny cake”. Sweet biscuits usually come from large-scale automated production in factories or are hand-made in batches by small bakeries or homemade in small quantities. Factory-made sweet cookies can be found at mass grocery stores, convenience stores, or vending machines. Freshly baked sweet cookies can also be found in bakeries and cafés.

In biscuit production, cookies are made with a simple process: mixing, forming and baking.



The mixing process happens in a horizontal mixer with two stages. In the first stage, the following materials should be mixed gently: shortening( butter), sugars, salt, ice( cold water), egg powder, vanilla, invert syrup and ammonium bicarbonate. As mixing progresses, the sugar dissolves and forms a creamy emulsion. Keep the mix as cold as possible. Then added floury, eggs( sodium, ammonium) in the second stage. With low speed, the mixing continues for less than 1 min to prevent the floury from the formation of gluten. Finally, the chocolate chips or nuts are added and mixed evenly through the batter.



The forming equipment includes a rotary molder and a multifunctional cookie machine to satisfy producing different cookies.

The rotary molder is suitable for forming the rectangular vanilla cookie and pretzel cookie with relatively thicker dough. The dough is pressed into each die to become dough pieces and then extracted from the molding roll.


Extruding is one of the simplest ways of forming biscuit pieces in biscuit production. Basically, the multifunctional cookie machine consists of a hopper over a system of two rolls which forces the dough into a pressure chamber underneath and then through the holes in the die plate. The multifunctional cookie machine can replace modules to achieve producing different cookies:

1. With the depositing module, the machine can produce deposited cookies such as swirl cookies.

2. The machine can produce cookies containing coarse particles such as nuts, chocolate chips, or  oat flakes with a wire cutting module. For example, coconut cookies and chocolate chips.

3. With the double color module, the machine can produce cookies formed with two colors, (flavors) batter.

4. With the center-filling module, the machine can produce center-filled cookies.

Wire cutting



Cookies require slow gentle radiant heat to gain perfect texture, flavor and volume. The heating system of the indirect radiation oven is more suitable for baking cookies. The heat is transferred from the oven band to the base of the raw cookies on the solid steel band.

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