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Wafer Cream Spreading and Cutting

Wafer Cream Spreading and Cutting


Last time we’ve talk about the baking process of flat wafers. This time let’s talk about the process after baking. The wafer sheets are passed to the cooling tower after baking. After cooling, the sheets pass directly to the wafer cream spreading machine.


Cream spreading

The equipment consists of a cream hopper and three rolls. The wafer is conveyed through the unit by a belt conveyor. The wafer sheet makes contact with the cream on the bottom roller of the cream hopper. The cream roller smears cream evenly on the wafer surface. The cream hopper has a heating device to keep the cream temperature and aid depositing. After that, the creamed wafer drops and proceeds to the wafer book builder. The wafer book builder can stack the creamed sheets to the required number from 2-8 layers of sheets separated with cream spreading.


Wafer book cooling

After stacking, the creamed wafer books are cooled in the wafer vertical cooling cabinet. To achieve proper sandwich cream conditions, it is important to adjust the cooling temperature curve gradually. Beware not to drop the temperature too suddenly or too cold. This might cause the separation of the cream and the wafer. When the temperature is too low, the cream tends to set before bonding occurs.



The wafer cutting machine is a simple unit that can cut creamed wafer books in one direction. Later on, they are pushed to the next part of the machine which cuts the rectangular blocks into fingers or squares as required. Cutting is usually done with wires, blades, or saws. Saws are not used much these days as they tend to stain the wafer edges. Whether to use wires or blades depends on the height of the creamed wafer books. When the height is about 0- 40mm either can be used. However, above 40mm height wires are preferred as blades tend to bow resulting in irregular shapes of product. Then the wafer is ready for packing or secondary process.


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