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Jam Sandwich Biscuit - Jammie Dodgers

Jam Sandwich Biscuit - Jammie Dodgers


Jammie Dodgers are popular biscuits in the UK. They are iconic, round, short-bread biscuits with center heart cut-out, sandwiched with raspberry or strawberry-flavored jam. 

Jammie Dodgers is a type of biscuit that was named after the famous character in the Beano, a comic book popular in the UK. The classic Jammie Dodgers was first introduced in 1960 by Burton’s biscuit company. These biscuits were listed as the most popular children’s sweet biscuit brand in the UK in 2009. Nowadays, they are still one of the most popular sweet snacks for children and adults alike.

As shortbread biscuits, Jammie Dodgers are made from granulated sugar, eggs, flour, salt, vanilla sugar, baking powder and jam/cream. With the embossed hearts on the top biscuit, it is said the original Jammie Dodgers are harder and more golden than today’s version. The Jammie Dodgers today are embossed splashes surrounding the center heart cut-out. Jammie Dodgers are a type of linzer biscuit, which is a biscuit-size of linzer torte. In New Zealand they appear to be called Shrewsbury biscuits, they are similar to Jammie Dodgers with a window in the top biscuit. Theyve even appeared in popular culture, Jammie Dodgers took a starring role several times in Doctor Who during the eleventh doctor era.

The manufacturing of Jammie Dodgers requires biscuit sandwiching machines. Golden Bake biscuit sandwich machine sandwich biscuits with jam or cream or two ingredients. The machine consists of vibratory conveyors, a cream feed system and a sandwich system. To sandwich biscuits, the biscuits are fed manually to a set of vibratory conveyors. Vibrating feed does not put pressure on biscuits, which avoids breakage of the biscuits. Then the biscuits are stripped one by one by pegs on a chain conveyor. The bottom biscuits are carried under the cream/jam feeder, then the top biscuits are placed to finish the sandwich. The cream/jam is fed from the cream/jam reservoir tank by a cream pump. Our cream feeder can accurately and quantitatively discharge materials, which reduces cream waste and cleaning costs.

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