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Everything You Need To Know Cookie Dough Mixer Machine

Everything You Need To Know Cookie Dough Mixer Machine


The industrial cookie dough mixer machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment specifically designed to streamline and automate the process of mixing large quantities of cookie dough in commercial settings. It consists of a robust stainless steel frame that houses a powerful motor, capable of withstanding rigorous usage over extended periods. The biscuit dough mixer features a spacious bowl with high sides, providing ample space for accommodating substantial batches of ingredients. Its primary function is to combine various components such as flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and flavorings efficiently and evenly. Equipped with multiple attachments like paddles or spiral hooks, this versatile machine ensures thorough blending without compromising the integrity of the dough's texture or consistency. Additionally, it often boasts variable speed controls enabling bakers to adjust mixing intensity based on specific recipes or desired outcomes. With its durability, capacity, and precision capabilities; an industrial cookie dough mixer machine becomes an indispensable tool in busy bakeries or food production facilities where time efficiency and consistent quality are paramount requirements.

The Mixing Process

There are several processes which occur during the mixing of the dough. These include:

1. Dispersion of all the ingredients and blending into a homogeneous mass

2. Hydration of the flour

3. Emulsification of the fats and water

4. Development of the gluten formed by the proteins in the flour

5. Activation of leavening agents 

Crackers and hard doughs 

Crackers and hard doughs have relatively high amounts of water and small amounts of fat and sugar. During the mixing process, the gluten is developed by a vigorous cutting and shearing of the dough. This results in an extensible dough suitable for sheeting and cutting to form the dough pieces. The mixing action imparts work to the dough and results in an increased temperature. In order to ensure consistency of dough batches, the dough for products such as semi-sweet biscuits are mixed to a fixed pre-set temperature.

For most products the process is an “all in” mix, when all the ingredients are fed to the cookie dough mixer machine at the start. After mixing cracker doughs will be fermented. The process for soda crackers, the mixing process is in two stages. For soda crackers the initial mixing is with approximately 2/3 of the flour quantity and half of the fat. The initial mix results in a “sponge” which is fermented for 12 hours. The remainder of the flour and fat is then added, with soda and salt and the dough is then fermented for a further 12 hours. The process is known as “sponge and dough”.

Short dough

In mixing short doughs it is important that the gluten is not developed. The mixing is therefore in two stages. The first stage is called a “cream up”. During this stage the fat, sugar, water and small ingredients are mixed to obtain a soft mass. The flour is then added and the final stage of the mix is as short as possible so that the gluten web is not developed and the resulting dough has a short texture. After mixing the dough will be stood for approximately 30 minutes to allow the hydration of the flour before forming. 

Cookie dough

Cookie doughs have high fat and sugar. The doughs are soft and they are formed by extrusion and depositing directly onto the oven band. As for short doughs, the mixing process is in two stages, with a “cream” stage, followed by adding the flour and mixing for a short time to prevent gluten development. The doughs are kept cool and usually mixed to a temperature of around 20ºC. 

Types of Cookie Dough Mixer Machine 

There are two main types of mixer, each with advantages for particular products and applications: Vertical spindle mixers, High speed horizontal cookie dough mixer machine/Horizontal mixers for cookie doughs

1. Vertical spindle cookie dough mixer machine 

Vertical biscuit dough mixer use a mobile dough tub into which the ingredients are fed and the vertical spindles are either lowered into the tub or the tub is lifted to the spindles. Vertical spindle mixers are widely used for fermented crackers, particularly soda crackers. The dough is mixed in the tub and the tub can then be transferred to the fermentation room. After fermentation, the dough tub is brought back to the mixer for the final stage of the mixing cycle. All the ingredients are fed to the tub from a weigh hopper or manually. In a two stage mixing process for soda crackers, additional ingredients may be added before the final mix. The mixing action is slow and thorough and generates little heat. Hard doughs may require a total mixing time of 60-90 minutes to develop the gluten sufficiently. 

2. Horizontal Cookie Dough Mixer Machine

The horizontal cookie dough mixer machine is very widely used for a variety of snack crackers, semi sweet doughs and short doughs.  The main dry ingredients may be fed from an automatic weigh feeding system mounted above the mixer. Water and other liquid ingredients may be metered and fed automatically. Typically small ingredients are fed to the mixer bowl in a half tilt position by hand. The mixer bowls are stainless steel with a water jacket through which cold water is circulated. For special snack products, heated jackets may also be used to gelatinise potato starches. The bowl tilts to discharge the mixed dough. The tilt may fully invert the mixer bowl to allow automatic discharge of dough directly to a hopper below the mixing floor for feeding the sheeter of the forming equipment.

Horizontal Dough Mixer for Biscuit


The cookie dough mixer machine ensures saving valuable time and effort in the baking process. Equipped with powerful motors and durable mixing attachments, it effortlessly combines ingredients into a smooth, uniform mixture that guarantees evenly baked cookies every time. The cookie dough mixer machine boasts an impressive capacity that can accommodate vast quantities of ingredients, making it perfect for high-volume production environments where efficiency is paramount.  

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