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Biscuit Rotary Machine with One or Two Rolls?

Biscuit Rotary Machine with One or Two Rolls?


After mixing materials, forming a continuous dough sheet, it is then cutting the dough sheets into dough pieces to the required size and shape and printing the designed pattern on the surface of the raw biscuits. The rotary cutting machine employs one or two rolls. The single roll cutter serves three purposes: cutting the shape, printing the pattern on the biscuit surface, and dockering. The two rolls cutter, each roll has its own specific and separate functions. One is used to cut the shape while the other is used to do the printing and dockering.

Theoretically, you might think that the cost of a single roller would be lower than that of a double roller, think the choice depends on budget. However, the answer is not so predictable in fact. The single roll cutter is generally suitable for products with little detail. For example, crackers with only docker pin holes. Products that have less demand in terms of gap adjustments between the depths of the cutting and of the printing. As shown in the picture, these can be successfully made.


As for those products(such as Marie biscuit) with more details and elements of design, the two-roll cutter is preferred for most of them. Mainly because it allows the printing and dockering to be adjusted separately from the dough pieces cutting, it’s important to ensure a clear print of the biscuit design and a clear cut of the dough pieces. Products with complex designs, the depths of the pattern, of the writings and of the docker pins need to be accurately calculated in order to achieve a clear appearance. It would be risky to do all these designs with a single roller. This is why two-rollers are often preferred. Moreover, the two-roller has no limit on the thickness of the sheet and can be easily adjusted.

One roll


As for the molds on the rolls, you can choose the material according to your needs. They can be made on plastic or on bronze directly and, for the latter, Teflon coating to further help the releasing of the dough is also available. With additionanl option, two-roll cutting roller can be made from bronze (also with Teflon coating) while the printing one can be made from plastic.

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